Fly to Me


One day when Martin Luther and his co-worker, Philipp Melanchthon, had a particularly busy day ahead, Melanchthon suggested that they cut their prayer time at the beginning of the day in half. Luther refused vehemently. Because they had so much to do, he insisted that instead of the two hours they usually spent, they would need to spend four hours in prayer that morning. They did, and their day went better than either of them could have imagined!

* * *

Are you sometimes worried and burdened with the strain of it all? Yes, I know you are. Those are the times when you must fly to Me. Fly to Me on the wings of prayer, and I will sustain you.

The burdens were not designed to fit on your shoulders; they were intended for Me to carry. In My love and compassion I have fashioned it so that you might draw close to Me, so that you might rest here on My breast, so that you might need Me, and so that you might feel My love. I love you, and I will carry you through if you will cast all your cares upon Me.

Be as a wise man who learns from the example of others. Look to the example of My servant Martin Luther, who, when he had a task that was too big, pulled back and took double time in prayer and sweet communion with Me.

You ask how you will ever accomplish all you need to? Do as Luther did. When he prayed, he cast all of his burdens on Me. This is the secret of quiet rest–casting all your cares upon Me, knowing that I care for you, knowing that I have always taken care of every problem you have given to Me, and I always will!

This is the secret of quiet rest–casting all your cares upon Me, knowing that I care for you.

Look to My own example: When I was followed day after day by multitudes of needy people, I knew I could not solve all of their problems Myself. How was I ever going to come up with enough food to feed 5,000 people from a mere five loaves of bread and two fish? (Matthew 14:15-21). That was an impossible task, but I did not worry about it. I only had to accept My Father’s help by saying, “I cannot do this. I cannot, but You can” (John 5:19).–And My Father did! He did what I in My own strength could not do.

And I did not feed those 5,000 by organizing fishing boats and sending My disciples out to catch fish. All I did was look up and cast My burden on My Father. He performed the miracle that fed 5,000 that day, but I had to truly trust first. I had to take the stand of faith before My Father could do the miracle. Afterward came the organization and distribution of the food, but the quiet trust came first.

The situations and the problems and the burdens were many, and the pressing needs of the people about Me were great. So were the cries of “It can’t be done!” Many of My followers were besieged by doubt and discouragement. Indeed the problems seemed insurmountable at times, yet those were the times when I learned to truly trust, to truly lean upon My Father and to cast My cares on Him.

I will not allow more to be put upon your shoulders than you and I together are able to bear. As you cast your burden upon Me, you will be able to avail yourself of My strength. My strength will be perfected in you (2 Corinthians 12:9).

From Jesus with Love


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