First Things First


Pressure is the enemy! That’s especially true for Christians, because when we feel under pressure, the first thing to get crowded out of our schedule is often the very thing we need most–our time with the Lord.

You could be the most organized person in the world, but if you neglect your time with the Lord, your spirit will suffer. Personal happiness and fulfillment, successful relations with others, productivity, and everything else that really matters in life all depend on your keeping your connection with the Lord strong, getting spiritually nourished from His Word, being refreshed and refilled by His Spirit, and taking time to love and be loved by Him.

To get the Lord’s perfect peace, you have to take time with the Lord. To take time with Him, you have to trust that whatever urgent work you have is in His hands and under His control. To trust Him, you have to understand and embrace the wonderful truth that He loves you so much He wants to help you with every aspect of your life.

He is concerned about you and your happiness. He wants to be involved. He wants to help you with your workload, and He will help you as much as you let Him. He will lighten your load incredibly if you’ll just ask Him.

So when you begin to feel under pressure, the smartest thing you can do is stop and ask the Lord for help. He wants you to bring your problems to Him, and if you will, He will soothe your ruffled nerves, calm your mind, and show you what to do.

Taking that time to pray and commit your work to the Lord is the best way in the world to alleviate pressure. It’s like opening the pressure valve of your spirit. If you don’t take that time with Him, the pressure continues to mount.


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