Constant Companion

   I want to be a very present companion, counselor, and help to you—not merely someone you know of, or someone you met once but rarely think about or talk to, or even an advisor that you consult from time to time when you have a problem or need to make an important decision. I want to be a constant, loving presence.

   I want to communicate with you personally and directly, and not in a distant, formal, or mental sort of way, but heart to heart. I want us to commune as intimates would, to talk things over, to reach decisions together, and to sometimes communicate without saying a word. I want to develop a bond of love between us that you’ve never experienced with anyone else and can’t even imagine.

   Learning to converse freely with Me, like learning to be natural, open, honest, and trusting in your communications with any friend, is something that comes with time and practice. It may feel awkward or even seem like work at first, learning to come into My presence and recognize My voice, but if you will do your part by making that effort, I will speak to you. At first you may think that little voice you hear deep inside is your mind, but in time you will know that it is Mine. I may give you ideas or solutions or answers to your questions, or I may give you a feeling of peace and wellbeing, or I may simply tell you how special you are to Me and how much I enjoy being with you. I’m full of surprises, so you’ll never know what to expect, but this one thing I promise: I will never disappoint you!


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